Back On The Road

We’re baaccckk! And I mean this on so many levels. My husband is back to traveling and my blog is back (as much as I can put into it for now anyways!)

I’ve been working behind-the-scenes the past few months to redesign this blog and organize my past content. I’ve been wanting to get back into writing for some time now, and I finally had enough of the voices in my head, “yes, one day…” 

We have been “living with boxes” for seven.solid.months. since starting to pack up our home in January to prepare it for the market. Then, while we were completely in the thick of it with selling and moving, I decided to start a business AND bring back this blog. More than ever I feel like I am a person who seeks out or thrives on the feeling of more responsibility to bring happiness. Maybe I am crazy. Maybe this is normal. Do you like taking on more or are you relieved when you don’t have to do something? I still like when some things are not mine to own, but I truly feel happier when I have a to-do list to accomplish, and part of that list has a bigger purpose, like writing or working on my business.

Blogging has become such a different thing than when “things started.” Certainly I am not equipped to point that out to you because if you’re even reading this post vs. listening or watching me on Stories, then you know. I really enjoy helping other women out there who like to talk to me about my experiences, AND I can learn from their experiences, absorb that and inject some of what I want into my own life. I firmly believe we all can just learn from each other to do the best we can.

I say all this to say: I’m back because I’m inspired to write more than ever now; to help you by sharing my own experiences in the attempt that it will help you better your life. 

I am not even looking at the date of my last blog post because it doesn’t matter. I didn’t write or create for a really long time because I didn’t feel like it, and that’s okay. In Marie Kondo’s words, it didn’t bring me joy and it was not important to me. 

The Short Catch-up

I quit my job in advertising, I had my second child, I adapted to becoming a SAHM, we sold our house and built a new house in a rural suburb, and I became a Beautycounter consultant (clean living is another thing I’m passionate about and excited to dive into more here).

Me, throwing around 13 years of business cards. Just a little excited to quit my job and “stay home” with our daughter.

First family selfie after little G was born November 2017.

My husband has actually NOT been traveling for his job for more than a year. He is a consultant and is gone most of the work-week, which is why I originally started writing here, because so many people ask me how we do it. I don’t think our story is unique, but I do like to help those who ask me how we do it. 

But he started traveling regularly again. He’s had a fair share of here-and-there travel the past year and a half, so it’s not a total shock to our system, thankfully.

Everyone’s favorite hero.

Bye, Bye Big Excuse

Two years ago when I first started to explain WHY I stay at home with our kids, I used to genuinely follow it up with, “if he didn’t travel I probably wouldn’t stay at home,” as if I needed an excuse about my new position being a privilege or that I was overcoming some sort of hardship. And I totally believed it, at the time. I did imagine that if he worked locally we could possibly swing the dual work-week childcare responsibilities that I observed so frequently when I worked. 

But that didn’t take into account important thoughts such as commute times for both parents with a balance for preferred neighborhoods, or a parent being available for sick times or school closures, or needing to travel for work, or a million other things. And while I have never read “Girl, Stop Apologizing,” I am not apologizing anymore. It’s silly. I don’t want to work in an office setting because my husband and I decided that would not work the best for our family. I am not a better or happier or <insert adjective here> mom vs. a mom who chooses to pursue her full-time or part-time career. We made what we think is the best choice for our family, and it is my prayer that other moms are able to make the best choice for their families, too. Because you can still take care of your kids by working (you’re earning an income right? That’s called “taking care of your kids.”) And I can still take care of my kids by being with them about 90% of the day and not earning my own income. When we choose to try to start a family and God graces us with them, we can also choose how to go about taking care of them.

But seriously, how cute are these kiddos?

So there you have it. More to come soon as I’m looking forward to sharing what’s on my mind!

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