On the Road in 2014

It’s 6 days into 2015 and I’m just now getting around to writing an annual recap, but that about sums up the past few months of life. If I had to characterize 2014 with a few words it would be focusing and working hard to reach our goals. Of course one of the best ways to remember and tell the story of our year is to revisit all the places we visited – it sure did add up! I’m grateful for all the opportunities we’ve had to travel as it looks like we should be slowing down in 2015.

January 2014

The year started with a TON of travel. I traveled for work the very first week, Sean skied with friends while I visited the Melbourne Beach, Florida area to see my girlfriend who was 8 months pregnant, and then we went to Asheville to celebrate one of our closest friend’s 30th birthdays with our Florida crew of friends. And that was all before the middle of the month! Asheville was a very fun winter weekend getaway, and I couldn’t think of a better way to spend time with friends than playing games in the cabin, wine tour crawls and eating great meals.

On The Rhoades_Jan

February 2014

Again, the month started with work travel, Sean skied with friends (are you sensing a trend?) and then we went back to Florida for one of our best friend’s wedding in Central Florida. It was fun to see everyone and celebrate their big day with Sean in the wedding party.

On The Rhoades_Feb

March 2014

Whoa, we actually may have stayed home all month. I helped my mixed tennis team win a city championship, which was pretty cool. This was also the third month in a row that I had another killer pitch. Meaning super long hours and late nights. It really did not slow down at all for basically the whole year, but Q1 was brutal.

On The Rhoades_Mar

April 2014

Instead of traveling this month, Sean’s mom visited for Easter and luckily she got to experience some nice spring weather before returning to Chicago. I really should get better at capturing more moments, so here’s a picture of our Easter meal.

ontherhoades_easter 5

May 2014

We returned to Florida, this time to Palm Beach, for one of Sean’s college friend’s weddings. We got to visit with many of Sean’s fraternity brothers and their wives. Also, we went to Rome–Georgia that is–so I could play in the USTA state tournament. Our team spent four days dodging rain, changing hotels and having the time of our lives playing seven matches in four days. And it was well worth it as we made it to the final match, besting 22 other teams and coming in second place. We were so ecstatic to get to the finals! It was also the first of Sean’s many international work trips. He traveled to Beijing and Germany for two weeks. It was a long time apart but a once in a lifetime opportunity for him.

On The Rhoades_May

June 2014

My work was also off the chain busy from late May through the end of June. I somehow managed to take a week vacation in the middle of it to spend time with my dad, siblings and nieces and nephews at the beach in Santa Rosa, Florida. Even though I took a few calls and returned to work a record number of hours in a week, it was nice to get some sun and chill in the sand. Sean took another international work trip after the beach to Brazil during the World Cup. All these miles quickly added up to some nice airline statuses, and we plan to cash in miles on a real vacation for the two of us in early 2015.

On The Rhoades_Jun

July 2014

This month, friends from Chicago visited us! We celebrated the 4th of July and took a white water rafting one-day trip in Tennessee. I was also a bridesmaid in my tennis partner’s wedding, but that was local. Sean found out he was promoted this month so all the hard work for the past few years, and especially this year, started to pay off.

On The Rhoades_Jul

August 2014

We took an impromptu trip to Fort Lauderdale to surprise close friends on their engagement party. I’m so glad we got to spend some QT with our friends who we only get to see about once or twice a year. For Labor Day, we visited Sean’s dad in Sarasota for some much-needed R&R.

On The Rhoades_Aug 2

September 2014

Sean turned 30 and we took a long weekend trip to Toronto, where his brother and girlfriend were part of the surprise. Toronto is an awesome city. We had great weather, great company and an even better time. The weekend before Sean also took a boys trip to New York for the Bears game.

We capped off dinner with a little piece of Chicago at Second City.
We capped off dinner with a little piece of Chicago at Second City.

October 2014

This month we celebrated my mom’s big 60th birthday! I never did a post about the big party but she had a super cute theme and we surprised her with a logo design, t-shirts, cups and a photographer to capture it all so she didn’t have to worry about photos. Having the family all together (almost everyone) was the best present of all. Just a few weeks later, we received some exciting news ourselves when we found out we are expecting!

On The Rhoades_Oct

November 2014

All my hard work paid off when I received a promotion this month. It was a nice feeling to finally accomplish this goal! Sean went on a hiking trip in Utah with friends and for Thanksgiving, we visited his mom and friends in Chicago. It was special to share news of our baby on the way with friends during the holidays and made us feel very appreciative of God’s gift more than ever. It was NOT special to feel nauseous and tired 24 hours a day for 6 weeks!

On The Rhoades_Nov

December 2014

We spent a weekend with my family outside of Birmingham, AL to celebrate Christmas just a tad early. The weekend went by too fast, but again it was extra special to celebrate our news in person with family. Sean’s dad, brother and girlfriend visited for Christmas. We were busy with hiking, shopping, house projects and just chilling. It was a great way to spend half of our time off work. We couldn’t end the year without one.more.trip. so we flew to LA for the Rose Bowl and to cheer on our beloved Seminoles. Not a happy ending for us but we had a great time just the two (or three) of us seeing LA and eating some great meals.

On The Rhoades_Dec

We can’t describe how excited we are for 2015 with the arrival of our new addition. I’m excited to slow down (I say this every year) but in reality, I guess things are only going to get busier come July! We are going on a babymoon and have one out-of-town wedding, plus a bachelorette party I’m determined to attend. I’m sure Sean will sneak a few ski trips in when I’m not looking. We’re ready for you 2015!

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  1. Wow, what a year you had! Great photos except the one of me…straggly hair due to heat of October and age 60. How do you keep up with all this? I never cease to be amazed. I hope you are printing a hard copy of all these blogs and keeping them in a safe place or perhaps on an external hard drive. Silly old people use paper and fire proof safe boxes! I love to read you writings and I love you !

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