Our 2nd Wedding Anniversary – Part 2

If you missed part 1 of our wedding anniversary post, catch up here.

When it came to our wedding, travel was the theme behind our decor and style. But, we also wanted a modern wedding. When our reception venue ended up being at Mason Murer Fine Art, a modern art museum, we were more than excited because the ambiance and environment fit perfectly with our theme. It was also an usual place for a reception, which was one of the things on our wish list from the beginning but we weren’t sure we could afford. After our first reception venue literally went out of missing and took our large deposit with them (I’m not bitter, I swear) things really worked out for us. The photos below show you the travel-themed details of our big day. Thanks for taking this trip down memory lane with me!

Officially Mr. & Mrs! We got married at the Cathedral of Christ the King in Buckhead.


After the ceremony, we took photos at a nearby par/duck pond. I had to include one photo of my amazing dress!


I used the FIRST version of our invitations (we had to reprint once we switched the reception location) to make these tags. First, I ran them through an ink jet printer on the reverse side to print “NAME” and “GATE” with lines. Then, I trimmed them using a hand-made template, so essentially, these were ALL hand-cut. Then, I punched a hold and tied the striped baker’s string through the hole. They were clipped with mini clothes pins across two empty picture frames and displayed on easels, marrying art and our travel theme. If I’m wondering what I did with my “free” time before the wedding, this is the answer.


Guest were directed to the cocktail hour upon entering the museum. Remember this vintage luggage?


The card box was a nice find at Home Goods and is a great piece for our house now. The “Love. What a Trip” sign was made from an old map and paint on canvas. We had a little help from a designer at Swoon Designs. Lori did a great job of helping my vision come to life, and she executed all of our details the day of the wedding.


Our cake consisted of 400 cake balls, in four different flavors. Do you see the chevron pattern? This was a hit. Our guests absolutely loved picking a few cake balls off and diving in to taste the flavors. I have to give my husband ALL the credit as this was his idea, and he found the baker Candy Cake Company.


Paper airplane cake toppers!


Our guest book is one of my favorite details of the wedding. We had a substantial collection of post cards collected in three years of traveling, so with the help of my mom, we found this postcard carousel to display them all. The sign invited all guests to write us a post card and leave it in the small hat box. We received some of the funniest and heartwarming messages. I also like to look back at which postcards people chose because they naturally selected ones that fit with their personalities. After the wedding, I purchased a postcard album (much like a photo album but the inserts have clear plastic on the front and back side of the photo slot so you can see both sides of the post card).


One more travel-themed detail easily coming to life with the addition of a sign. We loved our photo booth because our guests had so much fun in it, and we ended up with photos of ALL our guests. If you just have the photographer on the dance floor, I feel like you miss out on photos of a lot of other guests.


The favors were our favorite Delta Biscoff cookies wrapped in a plastic bag and tied with this tag: THANK YOU for flying with us.


Our reception was fantastic, and I really love how all the details came together to provide a unique and fun experience for all our guests who traveled to help us celebrate.

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  1. Never remember seeing the paper airplanes atop the cake! What I do know is that all of the details that fit the theme are what people remember and appreciate as you honor your guests with those special touches. The venue was perfect and I am sure turned out far better than what might have been at the other place. A great lesson in roll with the tide and make the best of a situation. You did a great job and still am amazed you found all the time to do all those details while taking care of everything else and working too!

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