Our 2nd Wedding Anniversary – Part 1

Happy Anniversary to Us! Today is our second wedding anniversary. Time has flown by, but at the same time, it’s crazy to think it’s only been two years! To celebrate, I thought I would revisit memories from our engagement shoot and wedding day related directly to the inspiration for this blog: our life on the road.

When we were first dating, travel was a big part of our lives. Not only because of his job, but shortly thereafter I moved to Atlanta and we dated long distance on top of his distant job. It was a lot to take on, but you can really test the strength of a relationship in those times. We also traveled, A LOT. Like every month it felt like we were going to a new city. We were spoiled. And some would say, we are still spoiled 🙂

Before we go down “memory lane,” a big shout out to our amazing wedding photographers, Gregg and Caroline Willett. They are the most talented, genuine and passionate photographers you will find. When I told Caroline I wanted to do our engagement photos at an airport, she’s the one who made it happen. I was thinking Jackson-Hartfield, but no, she got us on a runway, WITH a private jet, WITH a ridiculous car in the background. Add in these great suitcase finds from eBay (thank you seller in Waco, TX) and you have a real photo shoot, people. Seriously, if you want to work with the best photographers, call Gregg and Caroline. You will not regret it. http://www.willettphoto.com/


Did I mention we took these in February and it was literally 20 degrees with wind chill? I was dying.


This one is my fave.


International spies? Millionaires? Or just two kids in love? Who knows, haha.

It was windy folks! BTW I don’t think I’ve worn these heels since. I hate stilettos.


We’re so Mad Men.


After our time on the runway, we moved to the Buckhead MARTA station for some more travel themed photos.


Sean is saying: are we done yet?

I’m saying: I’m so freaking cold, can we go home now?

Wedding photos to come in the next post! xoxo


  1. I imagine Sean is on the road so I hope you got a good celebration in over the weekend, minus the ULCERS from watching Florida State! That was truly a beautiful photo shoot and you are right about Greg Willett…SUPER professional. My faves are the two single shots I had enlarged, you in the tweed jacket and Sean in his vest. They’re kind of hard to see on my cluttered shelf in such a large family collection. I can’t believe it’s already been two years! Time flies. Thanks for your support today. It meant the world to me.
    Much love…Mom

  2. There couldn’t be a better looking couple! These look like photo shoots for a magazine! What a great way to start out the theme which you so meticulously carried out at the reception! Fun idea and so appropriate for your situation. I know that was a lot to handle with the work travel that first year and still is, but hopefully absence makes the heart grow fonder!

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