Craft & Draft

Happy October everyone! Our fall has been no short of busy with weekend trips to see family and friends, busy work schedules and weekend tennis matches. And of course, football! Not sure if you can find me happier than when I’m cooking dinner on a Sunday night with a good game on the TV and the hubs on the couch. Always a good way to end the weekend with quality time together before the work week puts us in different cities. It’s the little things.

With every football season at our house comes the inevitable fantasy football draft night, which we have hosted for the past two or three years. It’s always a “boys-only” night full of bad-for-you but oh-so-good gameday food and lots of stinky boys huddled in the basement on laptops. I vacate the premises and head out with the girls belonging to those boys. This year, my friend had a genius idea of finally doing our girls crafting night we always talk about at the same time. Another friend suggested the Craft & Draft. While the girls craft, the boys draft.

craft & draft

Disclaimer: I’m a football fan and don’t claim that girls can’t like football or even participate in drafts. In fact, I have my own FF team in another league. I just think a draft night of only boys makes for a perfect excuse for a girly crafting night πŸ™‚

This year we winged it by those of us with upcoming projects bringing our supplies. One friend who is super skilled at making burlap wreaths showed the rest of us just how easy it is to make a fall wreath. She supplied the wine surplus from her wedding and we each brought a snack/appetizer. It was perfect. We found ourselves crafting (and drinking) much longer than the boys were drafting (and drinking).

I brought along supplies to make a Halloween wreath:


My super creative photographer friend really helped out with the vision of this wreath:

1. First, wrap the orange chevron burlap around the straw fame, securing it with hot glue when finished wrapping. One roll wraps the entire wreath with no leftover burlap.

2. Cut a piece of string about 8-12 inches long (I borrowed my friend’s white cotton string with gold flecks in it but you can use anything) and wrap each one around the wreath approximately 2-3 inches apart. Thread 2-3 Halloween ornaments on each string and knot it at the back. Alternate the color pattern to get a nice variation. Cut off extra ends of string tied around the wreath. I did six sets of ornaments on string.

3. Hot glue the ornaments to the wreath to strategically place them in a bunch and keep them from dropping to the bottom of the wreath when hung. The key here is to achieve the bunching look and hot glue does wonders for this.

4. With the black and white polk-a-dot ribbon, tie the main loop at the top of the wreath. Secure with hot glue and keep the knot at the back.

5. Use the remaining ribbon cut in three different lengths to create the bow. First tie the longest ribbon with the bow. Then tie the remaining two pieces of ribbon around the knot to make additional ribbon “legs.” If you can stretch the ribbon to make 4 pieces then you can make it look like a real spider with eight legs πŸ™‚ Secure the bow to the front of the wreath with hot glue.

5. Finally, clip on a spooky spider (from Michael’s for $2). I was torn between the patterned purple one and this black one. I went with simple black spider because of the other two patterns on the wreath, but use your creativity and find the right look-and-feel with the ribbons at your disposal. Most importantly, this entire wreath cost about $20!


How creepy does this look on our door with the scary lion knocker hiding behind it!?! Happy Halloween Crafting, Ya’ll!


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