Ultra Easter Wreath

Many of my week nights go by quickly without my husband here because I can always find ways to fill my evenings. This week I surprised my friend by sending her a homemade Easter wreath modeled after the same one I made for our home last year. My friend loves Easter, and because she gushed over my wreath last year, it was all I could do but make her her very own wreath to celebrate a tradition she calls Ultra Easter. So in honor of her, I’m giving you a recipe to make your very own Ultra Easter Wreath. Have fun!

Time: one hour

Cost: less than $13

What you’ll need: Tree branch wreath, 4′ roll of 2″ ribbon, plastic Easter eggs with two holes in the bottom (you need approximately 12 -14 of them), Pipe cleaners, Wreath hanger, Scissors

ontherhoades_easter 1

Step 1: Trim off errant/protruding sticks from the wreath to make wrapping the ribbon smoother. Take the ribbon off the spool and find the half-way point. Starting there, wrap the ribbon around the wreath.

Tip: Where you start wrapping on the wreath should be (approximately) directly across from the “top” of the wreath (in other words, where you want the door hanger to hook within the branches.) Use your best guestimate as this is not a science. Tree branch wreaths are not perfectly round so some look their best if they are hung in a certain way.

ontherhoades_easter 2

Loop the ribbon back and forth through the wreath with approximately the width of 2 fingers between each loop.

Tip: This will vary with ribbon length and width and the size of your wreath. Just use your best judgement on what looks best.

ontherhoades_easter 3

Step 2: When you have wrapped the ribbon completely around the wreath, pinch it at the top, tie it in a knot and then tie it in a bow.

ontherhoades_easter 4

It should look like this!

ontherhoades_easter 5

Tip: If one side of the bow is longer than the other, no sweat. Just trim the ribbon to even it out. I burn the ends of mine with a lighter to keep them from fraying.

Step 3: Cut a pipe cleaner in half and insert it through the holes at the bottom of a plastic egg so the ends of the pipe cleaner stick out of the egg.

ontherhoades_easter 6
ontherhoades_easter 7

Step 4: Find a strong branch in the gap between the ribbon. Loop the pipe cleaner under the branch and twist the two ends of the pipe cleaner together so the egg sits tights against the branches. Then tuck the twisted pipe cleaner back under the branches to hide it from plain sight. Repeat the process until you have filled all the gaps with eggs. You should use approximately 12-14 eggs.

ontherhoades_easter 8
ontherhoades_easter 11

Tip: Alternate eggs colors in a pattern. Determine if you have 12 gaps, then you can use three eggs in four different colors. I had 13 gaps so what’s one extra yellow, right? Also, avoid using an egg color similar to your ribbon so that the eggs really pop. For example, I used a green ribbon so I didn’t use the green eggs.

Step 5: Hang on your front door for all to admire!

Tip: Use the same color hanger as your front door, unlike my picture below. I have a black front door but used my interior pantry door to take this picture.

ontherhoades_easter 10

Happy Easter!

Ontherhoades_easter wreath


  1. Love this. Wish you were here to make me one. Love how clearly you show the steps. Look forward to seeing you soon and seeing all your wonderful decorating ideas! I see your mother’s talents are blossoming with you!

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