Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica

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While I certainly don’t claim to be a vegetarian, since we’ve incorporated more organic and non-GMO food into our diet, the more I find myself eating non-meat main dishes. I think my body is craving more veggies because they’re more exciting to cook with and there’s more flavor combinations to achieve without needing a meat-based protein as the main star.

Last week I didn’t cook at home as much as I planned to, so this week I have a surplus of veggies to use as main stars. It is my off-week from grocery shopping at the farmer’s market, where I typically go every other week to stock up on as much organic produce that I think we can eat in two weeks. Thus, my search for different ways to cook beets was born.

Sunday morning I found Beet and Brown Rice Sliders on Cooking Light. I had almost every ingredient on hand and a batch of brown rice for the week already boiling on the stove. I also prepped the beets on Sunday by roasting them in a 400 degree oven for 90 minutes; one less step to cook a weeknight meal.

Jump to Tuesday night. Husband came home–not only early this week–but on an early flight, too. Because he’s on the road much of the week, I don’t get any push back on my new, odd food stars. While he’s a pretty decent foodie himself, always trying new restaurants and open to eating anything I put in front of him, he was not so keen about beet burgers. But because he was not supposed to be home for dinner, I didn’t change my plans, ha. At least he tried a bite or two. Then he continued to eat his bowl of cereal for dinner. And now, all he keeps repeating over and over again is a classic line from The Office:


But me, I LOVED THIS RECIPE. I can’t wait to make them again, already. And I look forward to trying different toppings or sauces to go with them. They even hold up well for lunch leftovers in the week.

My personal notes from this recipe: 1) I didn’t have walnuts so I didn’t include them and didn’t sub in any other type of nuts. Sure I probably lost some protein there but I don’t think it affected texture or taste dramatically. 2) I only got 5 burgers out of the recipe, even though it calls for 8. Quite possibly it’s because I used a slightly larger biscuit cutter as my mold, but I also stuck to measuring out 1/3 cup of the mixture for each burger and still came up short. 3) And finally, I baked them a little longer than called for–a total of about 15 minutes. I just wanted them a tad crispier than they looked at 9 minutes.

Recipe Source: Julianna Grimes, Cooking Light JULY 2012

ontherhoades_beet burger


  1. Grandpa Jim is smiling down from Heaven! You are a true Luggen and food adventurer. That’s something he would be very proud of, as am I. Did you use fresh beets? We only had canned as children, but I do remember loving them after BUTTER was applied. Is there anything that doesn’t taste better with butter? One thing I did not know until I was a young mother was that beets cause tremendous gas. Hope Sean survived that if you had to eat all the beet burgers yourself! Just catching up on all your On the Rhoades posts before heading out again next week.
    Love them and love you!

  2. Well, one thing the quinns were not real fond of, was beets. Primarily, like your mom, we had them out of a can and they were awful. Diana and I hated them. In Provence, we had some of her friends over for dinner and they made a true Moraccan meal. The first thing she brought out was fresh beets. We about died. However. she proceeded to make a fabulous cold beet soup with lemon and sugar and other wonderful things. It was delicious,and we never have felt the same about beets since. I applaud your creativity and I look forward to seeing more gluten and meatfree recipes. You are such a good cook!

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