Frequently people ask us how we manage to be a part during the workweek so much, and we always have the same answer. It’s our routine. It’s what we grew accustomed to when we dated and it’s all we know. After a busy holiday season, we began the new year with a BRAND NEW ROUTINE: Husband working from Atlanta! You can imagine there were many emotions running through our minds.

Finally, our chance to experience the workweek in a whole new way. We’ve done this before but it’s usually short-lived. This time, however, it was a promising two months of permanence. Now that we’re staring down the end of the run, here’s a look at the past six weeks:

Week 1: I worked A.LOT. Busy wife who is traveling and can’t tend to her sick husband = a rocky start to the new routine. Our first few “normal” days back to the grind went a little something like this: alarm goes off at 6:30 a.m; he showers while I sleep 30 more minutes, then:

Him: Where’s my lunch?

Me: I have to pack you a lunch? Or, oh ya I forgot…again.

He almost sets off the alarm as he scrambles out the door to sit in horrible traffic downtown – something he is not used to.

At night our routine is not yet gelling either. I stay up about an hour later and he is in bed at 11 p.m. I could read blogs on my ipad and watch TV in bed while he prefers to go straight to sleep once his head hits the pillow. We don’t run into this on the weekends and it’s clear we both take our individual routines for granted.

Week 2: It’s a wash. He traveled the first half of the week and then we went to Asheville for the weekend to celebrate one of our best friend’s 30th birthdays.

Week 3: Getting back to the new routine and adjusting to the slightly earlier wake-up time and lunch-making request (or so I think). I get out of bed while he showers to get a head start on lunch. “Oh, I don’t need lunch today, the team is going out.” Grrr.

Week 4: Both of us have very busy weeks ahead, so I cooked dinner well in advance so he could pop in a casserole, and I would feel less guilty about being at the office while he is actually home. Then, Snow Jam 2014 hit and we were both stuck at home for three.solid.days. Cabin fever definitely set in at the end. With our workloads, we sadly spent our days on separate floors on conference calls. Every now and then I set up shop on the couch outside of his office, but for the most part we were all business, all day. It was nice to have lunch together and walk around the neighborhood in the snow. Like this healthy lunch:routine 01

Week 5: Just when we were getting used to the “new” routine, it was thrown off with TRAVEL. I left the first half of the week, then he went to a bachelor party on the weekend, and then….

Week 6: 12 hours later he’s out for four days of work. Turns out being home for two months is technically disrupted with off-site meetings. Savoring our precious hours together – ahhh, the good ‘ole days. Home “alone” is nothing new, until Ice Jam hit and I was stuck inside. I did not see another human those for three days, but I did spend 400 minutes on conference calls. Good thing I had so much work to keep me busy otherwise I could have organized my cookbook, watched TV marathons or slept in…(sarcasm).

Week 7: So here we are, about to embark on the “new” routine again, which I realize we’ve only had an opportunity to do for three of the past weeks if you rule travel weeks.

It’s funny to compare where my head was at in the beginning to now. I thought we would get so accustomed to being at home together that it would be that much harder when things returned to “normal.” If I’ve learned anything, nothing is routine for us. Getting used to the little idiosyncrasies has been fun, even if we are both set in our ways. I love cooking us a nice meal on weeknights and settling in for the evening to relax. By myself, I don’t unplug as much. In the instances we’ve been able to, we like meeting at the gym.

And I’ve even broken his PB&J sandwiches for lunch by preparing him what I typically eat: salad. A different mix of of fruit and/or veggies, a protein and homemade dressing over lettuce.

I hope the next two weeks don’t go by too fast; I’m loving this new routine of not having a routine.

Here’s a few pics of the neighborhood from Snow Jam and Ice Jam 2014:routine 04 routine 02 routine 03

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