I’m Glad September is….Over

Realizing it’s already the 15th of October, this post is a little overdue. September was a difficult month; maybe it was the post-amazing-vacation blues, too much travel, our obscenely busy work schedules, or everything combined, but I’ve never been so happy to kick a month to the curb. We knew what we were getting ourselves into by committing to three weekends of travel in a row, but I never thought it was going to be that hard. Maybe it’s a sign we’re getting old(er)?!?

First was a leisurely long Labor Day weekend in South Carolina. It was relaxing and a lot of fun for us to spend some QT with my mom. The following weekend was more of a whirlwind in Chicago for a family wedding, and the weekend after that was even more of a whirlwind to surprise a good friend for his 30th birthday in Tampa. We *thought* we would get to stay home for a quiet weekend in late September, but our friend decided to propose to his girlfriend in New York and asked my husband and I to be there for the surprise. I stayed back to keep my sanity, but I definitely was missing my husband and was sad to move his birthday celebration to a weeknight the following week. He then flew to New Orleans for a bachelor party (and remember he is traveling for work on top of all this from Monday – Thursday). His work schedule was also jumping him all over the place between the Midwest, Phoenix, and Chattanooga. Needless to say, the first two weekends home in October have been wonderful just.to.be.home.

Between my moments of missing him, I did manage to see the bright side by valuing our time together more and making the most of our time. I also channeled my alone time on the weekends into accomplishing overdue house projects like photo albums. My brother is living with us as he transitions from Jacksonville into a new career up here, so it’s been nice to have his company.

What have we done the past two weekends? Well for one, we were as lazy as we could manage between our tennis commitments. We made homemade pizza with my brother on a Friday, went to a Murder Mystery Dinner Theater for a fun date on Saturday, and this most recent weekend, we celebrated promotions with his boss and wife and another co-worker and his wife at Miller Union. Saturday was a wash as I was in the office for 15 hours, yes, 15 hours. I was exhausted Sunday and luckily also got to take Monday to recover. I blame my awful tennis match Sunday on my lack of sleep and stress. But, it’s on to another week in one of my favorite months.

So before September completely slips from memory, I want to share one of the highlights and one of my proudest moments ever in the kitchen: I Made Pie Pops.

Don’t know what a pie pop is? Just peruse Pinterest for 30 minutes and certainly you’ll come across them. Basically, they are little pies on a lollypop stick. My husband’s knack for requesting unusual desserts coming combined with my average baking skills makes for some interesting baking adventures. After a failed attempt earlier this year which can’t even be described, I finally pulled off a successful pie popping extravaganza. Thanks to this amazing recipe from Kelsey on CookingChannel.com.

Berry Pie Pops

(Follow the recipe EXACTLY as is. It is perfect.)


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  1. Somehow I missed this one last year. Guess we had been called away to Georgia sale. Pie pops looked terrific. Your writings are so entertaining and very honest. Continue developing this awesome talent you have been given! Live you much…Mom

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