With little time over the past three weeks to post, here’s a quick recap of what I’ve been up, via food pics when available 🙂

My husband and I visited my dad and sister and her hubs for Father’s Day in Birmingham and we had dinner at 26. Dessert consisted of pop tarts and flan, Mmmm….

070613_catch up1
070613_catch up2.JPG

Then, while he was on a “mancation” with one of his buddies, I held down the fort and found myself using up every free minute with friends or work that weekend.  It was tough to do two weeks apart again but usually staying busy helps me. After visiting friends’ new baby at the hospital on Friday after work, other friends made me dinner . Clearly they are HEALTHY as dinner was baked fish and kale caesar salad. Both were really good so I promised them a pic in the blog. I will have to buy this Trader Joe’s fish soon.

070613_catch up3.JPG

On Saturday night, I made myself gourmet night for June with seared scallops and arugula. As I expected, I overcooked the scallops and burned the butter sauce. Next time I will use my sautee pan and not the cast iron!

070613_catch up6

Then I threw a concert at my office Sunday night. Just another normal Sunday!

That kicked off a week of crazy work hours that are now too much of a jumble to remember. When I came back to earth, I had the honor of being a part of my friend’s Claire wedding, which meant two very fun nights out all dressed up! It was nice to spend time with my husband after our time apart.

070613_catch up4.JPG
070613_catch up 9

With the holiday weekend here, I’ve had a chance to go to the grocery and finally cook some meals at home. With all the rain, it’s been kind of boring here, but I’ll take it. One night I made ribs, corn on the cob and bean salad. First time cooking ribs so I dare say it is my gourmet meal for July?!? We’ll see…We also made dinner for our friends with the new baby last night – steak and chicken kabobs, cucumber salad and potato salad. Forgot to take pictures but I am in love with this Cooking Light roasted potato salad with creamy dijon vinaigrette recipe from the July 2013 issue. It is a must-d0-again!

What fun food have you been eating up for the 4th?

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