A Little Goat Cheese

Summer is finally here! We spent our Memorial Day weekend in not-so-summer weather in Chicago visiting family. It was a nice action-packed weekend. Here are some of the highlights:

060213_goat cheese 1

My first White Sox game with our friends – very fun despite the cold temps! Someone called us “classy ladies” for drinking wine at a baseball game. We couldn’t help that wine sounded so much more appealing over cold beer when it was 50 degrees outside!

After the fireworks celebration….

060213_goat cheese 2

…we went to the Little Goat Diner, which is the restaurant of one of our favorite chefs – Stephanie Izard. Side story,  she was on my flight home from Chicago about a few years ago, but I am always too shy/embarrassed to say hello to celebrities so I didn’t say anything. This was way before she opened her first restaurant, Girl and the Goat, which we have also been to with our friends. It was a nice surprise from the boys to take us to Little Goat for a little late night eating after the game. Here is Sean’s delicious dish, Fat Elvis Waffles (banana . peanut butter-butter . bacon maple syrup). I forgot to take a picture of mine because it was a few minutes late and I was starving!

060213_goat cheese 3

Saturday night we celebrated my mother-in-law’s 60th birthday with a nice dinner with close family and friends, and then we played bocce ball at Pinstripes, a bocce ball/bowling alley/restaurant/bar all in one. It was so much fun! Wish we had one here. Here is a really bad picture of all of Sean’s friends who came out to help us celebrate:

060213_goat cheese 4

Sunday we celebrated a cousin’s daughter’s birthday at Lincoln Park Zoo. Where were all the animals? I guess it was too cold for them to come out to play. Here’s a picture of us in front of the Chicago skyline:

060213_goat cheese 5

We ended the weekend with friends and a little game night before our early morning flights on Monday. It was a long week without Sean home and I missed him very much. He didn’t arrive until late evening, so I welcomed him home with a nice, light dinner. This salad just came together with the ingredients on hand although I did want to use up the asparagus and corn. That is one thing I love most about summer salads – anything goes!

060213_goat cheese 6

Grilled Shrimp, Asparagus and Corn Salad (Serves 2 adults)


4 cups of mixed greens (I used a Georgia-grown brand that included baby romaine, butter lettuce and red leaf)

1/2 bunch of asparagus

2 ears of corn (you will have some left over to eat on the side)

2 ounces of honey goat cheese

1 dozen medium to large shrimp, peeled and deveined

2 tbsp of lime juice

1/2 tsp cumin

1/2 tsp red pepper

1/2 tsp chili powder

1 Tbsp of honey

Creamy dressing of your choice (I used Vidalia Onion Smoky Bacon Dressing by Stripling’s General Store. I picked it up on my way home from a work event this week and it surprisingly has only 6g of fat per 2 tablespoons, which is typically the highest amount of fat I try to use in prepared salad dressings).


1. Marinate the shrimp in the lime juice while you prepare the vegetables. Bring a pot of water to a boil. Add corn and let boil for 20 minutes. If possible, steam the asparagus in a steamer pot over the corn. Alternatively, steam the asparagus for 10 minutes in a separate pot. Then, shock them in a bowl of ice cold water for three minutes. Remove from cold water and thoroughly dry off with a paper towel. Cut asparagus stalks into thirds.

2. Remove corn from water and shock in the ice cold water bowl for up to three minutes. Remove corn from water, dry, and then cut off the kernels. (I use a shallow bowl and slice down the ear of corn so that the bowl catches the kernels).

3. Heat a grill pan to medium high. Add cumin, red pepper, chili powder and honey to shrimp. Mix to coat shrimp evenly. Grill the shrimp for 2 minutes on each side or just until they turn white.

4. Assemble the salad in bowls and toss with 1 Tbsp of a creamy dressing. Arrange half the asparagus and half the corn on each plate. Place six shrimp on each salad. Crumble half the goat cheese on each salad.

This salad is the perfect combination of sweet and earthiness. I can’t wait to make it again.

I just dropped Sean off at the airport on Sunday evening 😦 I hate when he has to leave on Sundays because it shortens the weekend. We both have so much work to do though, so I’m trying to just focus on that. Tomorrow I will post a meatless Monday meal that I made last Tuesday, haha. Stay tuned!


  1. Love this one too! We made a ton of lasagna when Sally was here. All 3 of us ladies had certain jobs…noodle cutter, mozarella sprinkler, ricotta ladeler, parmesan shaker. Only one person holds the title of Sauce Spreader…me. Never knew I was so rigid about my sauce until it was graciously pointed out to me. I told them they could “pry the sauce spoon from my cold dead hand” some day!
    I LOVE that we are a family that loves to cook and you just keep that going.

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