Gourmet Husband

Before Memorial Day Weekend gets off to a roll, I want to catch up a little about last weekend. I helped host one of my friend’s bridal showers on Saturday afternoon, and purposely planned take out or delivery on Saturday night because I knew I would be getting home just around 8pm and would not want to cook. Rewind to Friday night in which my husband asked me when gourmet night was going to be this month and my answer was: I completely forgot. You see, “gourmet night” is something I brought back from my childhood this year. My mom and step-dad would cook a fancy meal every now and then that went above and beyond the usual expectations for dinner using ingredients or methods that were extra special. Think crab cakes, cornish game hens, etc. Anyhow, I have been doing a pretty good job of one meal a month this year as part of my “resolutions,” (p.s. I don’t believe in new year’s resolutions and prefer to call them goals) but completely forgot about May.

Saturday night rolls around and shortly before I leave the shower, I read a barage of text messages along the lines of, “where is the baking soda?” and “do we have muffin tins?” I thought, okay, this is nice, he is baking dessert. But low and behold, when I arrive home, what do I find but my very own gourmet night served up nice and cold via cucumber gazpacho and cheddar bacon corn muffins. I have to give him the utmost props for his effort and execution, not only because he  a) doesn’t enjoy cooking and b) doesn’t know his way around the kitchen as much as he wants to admit, but also because he did a pretty good job. He spent an hour (YES, AN HOUR) looking though my issues of Cooking Light before he settled on these recipes from 2011 (yes, I know I need to clean out my magazines) and then another hour grocery shopping. I think cooking took him another good hour. He deserved all the gold stars he earned! And I had to clean up the kitchen! Clearly you can see there was a lot of mess to take care of.

052313_gourmet husband 2
052313_gourmet husband

But how could I complain with this going on?Here is his version of Cucumber Gazpacho with Shrimp Relish, which you can check out for yourself on Cooking Light. I’m not saying the recipe was good or bad, but the raw garlic overwhelmed us and it seemed to be too watery.

052313_gourmet husband 3
052313_gourmet husband 4

Here are the Bacon-Cheddar Corn Muffins via Cooking Light.

They had so much promise, but I wonder if they were baked a little too long to make them too dry….that’s okay, we couldn’t eat them all anyways. They made for great gifts in the office kitchen on Monday morning. Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

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