Ultra Seattle

It all started with a pact. Four twenty-something girls found themselves newly single. Melanie and Jessi were roommates and friends since college; Amanda and myself were co-workers and new friends. Melanie was Amanda’s client contact, and thus, that is how we came together. Mid-way through our first official girls night happy hour, we made a pact to be single for a whole year. That night was 12-12-08, marking the beginning of our 12-12-09 pact. I can tell you loads of stories from that year (well, some of them), but for the sake of this post, fast forward to St. Patrick’s Day weekend 2012. We were back together in Fort Lauderdale for Jessi’s bridal shower. We were enjoying a gorgeous Sunday at the beach and were driving back home in Amanda’s cute convertible, listening to some of our favorite EDM. We made another pact – to take a girl’s trip every year that is not wedding- or bachelorette-related.

One year later, we made the pact come true by traveling to Seattle to see Amanda for four days. Amanda moved to Seattle last July for a job opportunity and because Melanie,  Jessi and I have never been to the Pacific Northwest before, our choice of destination was easy. Words do not do justice to describe how much fun we had! So much that I am just getting around to recapping the trip in a post because I was recovering from lack of sleep and busy evenings this week. Here’s a rundown:

032413 seattle 1

Amanda’s apartment in the Queen Anne neighborhood is the cutest! She lives in the top level of this 1908-home converted into two apartments. We instantly fell in love with our new home for the next four days ; )

032413_seattle 2

After we arrived, we toured her neighborhood on foot. We were surprised at how many flowers were blooming and at how narrow the streets were, allowing only one car to drive through at a time. Check out the amazing skyline views just minutes away from her apartment.

032413_seattle 3

Later we drove downtown and saw the outside of Escala, aka the love palace of Fifty Shade’s Christian Gray. We joked that the pictures would have been way more fun had we gone to happy hour FIRST,  So that’s why you are just seeing boring building pics.

032413_seattle 4

We continued to Pike’s Market, where we walked the endless stalls of fresh flowers, fruits and vegetables and other treats. Yes, it was a wee bit touristy but we were definitely there to be tourists. We took a photo on what we now call “the bachelor pig.” Pretty sure are the ones to make the pig famous, not Catherine.

It was finally time to catch up and talk about anything and everything over happy hour. The drinks were fancy and the food was delicious. It was perfect and one of the highs of our trip. After HH, Amanda introduced the Florida girls to Trader Joes. It was fun to buy lots of treats, which ended up serving as our dinner at least twice. We should have bought stock in the Reduced Guilt Chunky Guacamole with Greek Yogurt. That stuff is r.e.d.i.c.u.l.o.u.s.

032413_seattle 5

Friday was wine tasting day! We drove 30 minutes to Woodinville to visit Chateu Ste. Michelle, which is a pretty popular brand. The tasting was free, the wines were enjoyable, and we were drinking wine at 1pm on a Friday. What could be wrong? We had lunch at The Purple Cafe, which is one of the best meals I have ever had. If you visit this region, I highly recommend stopping here for a meal. It was recommended to us by a lady in the Chateau Ste. Michelle gift shop who held Jessi hostage for approximately 20 minutes while we took pictures of this amazing peacock who loved putting on a show. P.S. Amanda and I have a slight obsession with peacocks.

032413_seattle 6
032413_seattle 7

Friday night we ventured to some local bars in Ballard, aka the Swedish Fisherman part of the city. In other news, I had a sock bun thanks to Jessi’s amazing hair styling skills. We had fun exploring some of Seattle’s establishments but we were still controlling our inner #UltraSeattle.That all changed on Saturday after our whale watching tour. The whale trip was fun, but it was cold, windy and we didn’t see a whale until the last 30 minutes. But the bright side is we did accomplish our goal of seeing one (and it was Melanie who spotted it for the entire boat!) Plus it was neat to be out in the Puget Sound and see a squall roll in. Check it out (you can see the whale’s splash in one of the pictures).

032413_seattle 8

We kicked off our  St. Patrick’s Day celebration in full green attire and plenty of flare to go around thanks to Amanda’s shopping spree. We had light up necklaces, crowns, glow bracelets, straws and ties, which I almost immediately converted to a head band. Long story behind that one. It was now definitely #UltraSeattle time.

We had an absolute blast creating chaos including an Irish jig dance off, playing the invisible violin, meeting Amanda’s Seattle friends, and runwaying.

The next day we were all a little sad as we realized it was the last day of our trip, and we had to say goodbye and head back home to work. We enjoyed a nice breakfast, toured the city a little more, and then finally, we had a nice dinner! Unfortunately, we didn’t take a picture. Amanda drove us to the airport and we all cried. Weekends like this remind us of that special time in which our friendship took center stage – the original pact bound us, but that pact has come to mean so much more. I love my friends and don’t know who I would be without them today. Our boyfriends/husbands all support us getting together for a selfish girls trip every year because they all respect and understand that we need each other just as much as we need them.

Have a great week everyone! More to come soon about Sean’s week at home 🙂

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