Last Minute Getaway

One of the best things about not having pets or children yet is the ease of dropping everything and getting away for the weekend. After many long, long days and nights at work this week, I was ready to hit the road to meet Sean in Tybee Island and Savannah this weekend. As the assistant coach of a local high school boys’ and girls’ soccer teams, he loves any chance he gets to actually coach their games, and this weekend they played in a tournament. The only downside is that I had to drive alone on Friday afternoon / evening, but it was so worth it to finally get some QT with the husband and to see a new part of the state. I just wish it were 30 degrees warmer (and sunnier!) and it would have been even nicer. Being away from the house forced much-needed relaxation on me.

Both the boys’ and girls’ teams went undefeated all weekend, and I was so proud of my coach.

030313_team 2
030313_team 1

We had just enough time to enjoy Savannah, but we did not scratch the surface yet. We enjoyed Saturday afternoon drinks and appetizers at the Bohemian, which has a great rooftop view of the river and city. Hopefully we will come back in April to celebrate my birthday (it’s a big one) and really see Savannah, plus it should be more enjoyable with warmer temps and blooming flowers.

030313_4 pics

Where did Tybee Island come into play? That’s where our hotel was located (on a school budget). Tybee reminds me so much of the Keys, which is where I grew up. Plenty of mom-and-pop restaurants (read: no chains), roadside quirky shops and a perfectly laid-back feel. I would love to visit again during beach appropriate weather and rent a house with friends. We didn’t even see the beach! This morning we ate at The Breakfast Club before we headed out so that we would not be tempted to stop for fast food breakfast or lunch. It was delicious, and in typical fashion, we went with our go-to breakfast items of eggs benedict (actually this version was eggs benedict florentine) and french toast.

What fun things should we do in Savannah when we go back in April? Any favorite restaurants we must try out? Have a great week!


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