Layover Date

airport layover

How many times have you been in an airport with a few hours to kill and found the closest restaurant in the terminal to call home? Sure, that happens all the time. But have you ever called your wife and asked her to meet you at the airport for a date while you were on a layover? Yep, that’s what happened to us last night. While it was obvious I was in a down mood yesterday about missing my husband, I was pleasantly surprised to learn he would be in the airport on a layover for three hours last night.

I ran my errand to the grocery store and then quickly got ready for my date at the airport. It felt funny to park and walk in to have dinner at the airport. I am so grateful he had a long layover that allowed him to come outside of security and have enough time to spend with me over dinner before checking back in for his flight to work.

We ate at the Atlanta Chop House & Brewery, (spoiler alert: it wasn’t really a brewery). We shared calimari and a prime rib sandwich, and we were ridiculously full. I brought along four cakeballs from Candy Cake Company that my mother-in-law gave us for Valentine’s Day. These were the same type of cakeballs we had as our wedding cake.  It was such a treat to spend an unexpected evening with my husband when I didn’t think I would see him for another five more days. I still cried when I had to leave him, but that’s okay, we are used to that. I promise I am not always this mopey about missing my husband! I know he really appreciated me making the trip to see him and spend time together, and that’s exactly the types of things we go out of our way to do to make the distance work.

What is an odd place you have had a date?

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