A Weekend for One


This weekend has been full of mixed emotions. For one, I was tired from an exhaustive week at work. Things have just picked up and I’m not yet into the swing of working those long and intense hours again. Second, I really missed my husband Sean because we didn’t see each other that much last weekend when I was in Miami, and he is skiing with friends this weekend. At first I found myself okay with the “extra” alone time because I was tired, and I had to work from home yesterday for about seven hours. Plus I managed to squeeze in a complete cleaning of our bedroom and bathroom and a workout class. But when the evening finally rolled around and my stomach was rumbling for dinner, I really, really, really missed him. I didn’t feel like cooking for one so I ordered my most favorite meal, Cloud 9 pasta, from one of my favorite restaurants, Sprig. And of course I accompanied that with my favorite chardonnay and popped in the third disc of season one of Downton Abbey. (I know I jumped on the bandwagon here but I LOVE THAT SHOW!) So although I was settled in for a nice Saturday night with my favorite food, beverage and entertainment, I still found myself dead sick of missing my sweet husband. What I wouldn’t have given to just lay with him on the couch for the night.

Fast forward to Sunday. A little bit more of work and cleaning this morning. It is absolutely gorgeous outside. The kind of weather that makes you want to be outside in shorts and a t-shirt even though it’s still 65 degrees. It’s the first sign of spring right around the corner. I would loved to have shared this beautiful day with Sean doing something fun outside like tennis or brunch somewhere. Sure, I could have called a friend to do something, but I have assigned myself too many tasks to really enjoy the weather. I find myself making a to-do list that is way too long on the weekends when Sean is gone. Taxes, organize the office, laundry, cookbook project, dust, clean the bathroom, sweep, etc. That way I will remain busy enough to forget he’s gone. But it didn’t work this weekend because I just plain miss him. I think it’s because we did it to ourselves by booking back-to-back weekends of alone trips that is making me more frustrated than usual.

Looking on the bright side, which is what I usually try to do when I am feeling sad, my “extra” alone time this weekend allowed me to A) not feel guilty when I had to work on Saturday; B) enjoy a very fun sushi dinner with two girlfriends on Friday night whose husband/boyfriend were working; and C) catch up with my girlfriend in Ft. Lauderdale about our feelings on our life stage that we are both experiencing. (More about that in a future blog post.) And I suppose D should be that I have a very clean house!

Next up? Well I still have to decide what I’m going to eat for dinner this week and go to the grocery store. I expect a lot of long nights at the office again so I probably won’t buy too much. I should make a casserole. I don’t really feel like it. I should also exercise, but I don’t feel like it.

What kinds of things do you do when your significant other is out of town? Do you make up 100 things to do to keep yourself busy, or do you just enjoy your down time?

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