Soup: it’s what’s for dinner

Do you know who loves soup? Me. Do you know who hates soup? My husband. That’s why I’m having it for dinner tonight. When he is away from home, I can choose what I want to eat without regard to his personal tastes and preferences. That is one of the perks of his travel during the week. In general we have similar tastes in food, but there are a few exceptions like tofu, soup and all-veggie meals. So those usually make up my weeknight meals.

But tonight, soup wasn’t my first choice or even what I planned to eat for dinner. That’s because I worked late again and just wanted to come home and veg. I also have to be up bright and early to be out of the house by 6:15 a.m. to get down to the Georgia State Capitol. I am volunteering at an event tomorrow morning. Early bedtime tonight!


Before I go, I want to share my experience with my first ever FROZEN soup. Yes, I said frozen. I picked up this plats du chef brand of french onion soup at Costco last week. While it takes 40 minutes to heat in the oven (plus another 10 to cool down enough to eat), overall it tastes like restaurant-quality french onion soup. I also like how the cheese was easy to pull apart and did not cling together in one delicious little cheese ball swimming in a warm coffer of onion flavored broth. That’s usually the result when I make my own french onion soup (okay, out of can throwing croutons and mozzarella on top.)

I try hard not to eat frozen food because of the overall health implications of frozen food vs. fresh food. I have my exceptions though, and tonight was one of them! Bon appetit!

What exceptions do you make for yourself when no one is looking?

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